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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Desperately Sherlocked, eh?

You can tell when we Sherlock fans are desperate for more Sherlock... we pull out our favorite pics and gifs to retweet, reblog, repost...

And also reread fics, rewatch fan vids, re-everything.  We are The Fandom That Waits -- and waits, and waits...

Which is how I can tell that Radio Times is full of Sherlock fans.  They too are doing this.  Cf. 20 life lessons learned from Sherlock, and my source for that picture.  How does Ben manage some of these faces??

Some of my faves are the pics for 10, 11, 12 (naturally), 19, 20, and the opening pic they used, which is from Blind Banker.

Yeah... of course I repost pics too.  8)  Have some Vatican Cameos!!  Or Silly Batch smirking.

Cumberbatch news:  Ben (fanboying) about Harrison Ford.  (They'll be on the new Graham Norton show together -- on this Friday, 11-Oct-13 per the BBC.)  Here's the May 2013 vid for that off Jimmy Fallon's show, thanks to Cumberbatchweb!

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