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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spec, the Casebook, Japan, Frankenstein.

Mmm, speculation about Mycroft and Sherlock and...  Probable s2 spoilers, beware!

About Mycroft's power -- and of course, his first-rate brain.  Mycroft's hobbies?

Sherlock and John arguing via Post-it notes in the Casebook.

A video from Japan (direct tumblr link here):  Ben's interviewed about STID, himself, women...  As usual, Ben mumbles, so turn up the sound on this!

Thinking about the differences in their characters:  Mycroft and Sherlock.

If you're seeking Danny Boyle's 2011 Frankenstein in your country... it could return.  Check out Cumberbatchweb as well as NT Live.

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