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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sherlock special 2015.

Interrupting your countdown to Christmas with this announcement.  For those who followed ANY of the setlock news, particularly on costumes and setting, part of this scoop won't be a spoiler to you.

Paraphrased version without spoilers:  So the Word of God is that the 2015 Special is AU of Sherlock.

No, really.  Only Mofftiss would make an alternate version of their own alternate version of Sherlock Holmes.

Much wondering in speculation-land has now been put to rest.  :D

Check out io9's Christmas Special piece from last week along with EW's brief Moffat interview on 16-March-15.

UK air date is still said to be Christmas 2015.  The PBS air date for USA is unknown, as are other countries's air dates for the special.

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