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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Grab bag: April cons, vids, etc.

Fan vids!  You've missed them, you know.  ;)

Moonmouse did two silly ones that I like.  It took several watches before I stopped cracking up, in fact.

TMBG via Moonmouse!  Particle Man (Sherlock BBC) and Birdhouse In Your Soul (Sherlock and John + They Might Be Giants).

In the s3 spoiler zone:  liar | Sherlock BBC by Katrin Depp; also expect feels.

More goodies from We Are Colony for Little Favour; watch their site for more!

From October 2014, a BBC update on ACD's house:  Deal struck over Conan Doyle house school plan.

Missing details on the UK Sherlocked con?  Here's the photo shoot rates and the current sixteen guests listed here.  (Plus they added Una Stubbs recently!)

Radio Times has an article (9-Feb-15) giving you a breakdown of prices and what they get you at Sherlocked UK.

For those of us unable (or unwilling) to attend the UK Sherlocked, consider Unlocked that same weekend -- which is free and online.  :D

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