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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter candy -- chocolate, honest!

There is a 6-foot sculpture in chocolate of Benedict, per Good Housekeeping.  I am not making this up!  Apparently it isn't an April Fools Day joke either...

Methinks someone thought they could outdo Pei's Cumbercupcakes.  Of course not.

I finally saw Penglings!  Err... Penguins of Madagascar.  Twice.

Possibly a third time before we have to return the DVD.  :D  I hope so.  The second time, we had multiple power outages, so it made it harder for the rest of the family.  Especially since, uh, I'd seen the YT clips so many times I knew rather more than was good for me.

OTOH, the latter half of the movie was all new stuff, and it's a riot.

Now I too have a wee rock named Private.  Found it the day I first saw the flick, and my rock's shaped the same...

I wonder if someone has made a comprehensive list of all the TV/movie allusions?  (This review mentions a few, particularly Dave's specialty.)  I caught the Spock/Kirk through glass, and the Hulk's punching out Thor from The Avengers... that truck that looked like the Mystery Machine.  :D

Go see Pengwings.  It's fun.  In the States, you can still find Penguins of Madagascar in theaters.  I think I'll be buying the DVD...

FYI:  Ben -- as Agent Classified -- doesn't mispronounce "penguins" constantly; only some of the time.  8)

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