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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Graham Moore; also Cumberbatched. ;)

That's a 2014 excerpt from a four-part set; here's the first of Standard Talks: BAFTA New York Part 1 of 4.  (In part 4, Ben gets very quiet and hard to hear.)

Benedict Cumberbatch Pens Letter for Funeral of 'Sherlock Holmes' Superfan at THR.

Benedict Cumberbatch: fanboy, photobomber, award-circuit rider at the LA Times.

Benedict Cumberbatch is for life not just for the Oscars at Radio Times.

How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You by Graham Moore, who wrote the script for The Imitation Game.

Cumberbatched moments:  Good night and all dressed up.

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