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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mystrade; John's blog; spec or spoilers?

Need something to distract you -- or feed your SH obsession?  What about the classic fics?

Like the fantastic Mystrade by kazvl.  This particular installment is a) brilliant b) involves angles of something you've seen in s1 c) is as always, amazingly written.  I do not ship; but her writing carries me off.

In fact, I treat this series (Fire and Ice) as an alternate universe of our SH universe.  Which I adore.  Anyone who can make me suspend my belief that way for an AU is spectacular.

And have you checked up on John's blog lately?  Because it's been updated.  If you read nothing else, read his last blog post for Many Happy Returns.

Of course, if you want a teeny bit of possible spoiler for s3, there's Twitter RP with CAM...

Or you could get lost in the Final Problem tumblr (what fangirls do).

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