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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BBC: Live stream s3 ep1!

Watch Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1 Live Stream

ETA 1.18pm EST 1-Jan-2014:  Additional live stream links here.  
Again, make sure you have virus protection on your computer 
AND read that live stream article, I beg you. 

Before you click on one of the BBC live stream links, read that article!  It is short, it is extremely helpful, and I do not want your mobile or machine getting devoured by a spammer.  Srsly!

Christian Today has an article about the live stream, but does not include a link to it.  (Because unless you dwell in the BBC One region, you lack a TV license.)

If you're on tumblr, check around.  There are fans doing a live stream too, such as Holly here.

OKAY, remember.  Check your sources!!!  Make sure you are not -- repeat, NOT being spammed or hit by a fake site.  Because the malware creeps know we're out there.  Don't get hit!

Let's break the Internet, shall we?

Bonus:  Interview of Steven Moffat at The Hollywood Reporter.  (I only skimmed it, you've seen all the videos there already.)

ETA 2-Jan-2014:  Yesterday I got a live stream working via the fantastic dudeufugly whose tumblr has a master list of links.  Again, be careful, don't get hit by Trojans!  I saw most of the ep, but not all of it.

Tomorrow TEH repeats on BBC Three, so try your live streams then too...  8)

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