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Friday, January 3, 2014

S3 reviews of TEH: spoilers!

Well, okay, one thing that isn't a s3 spoiler.  Consider this candy.  8)

This Hiddleston vs. Cumberbatch Dance-Off Holds the Key to Inner Peace

Psst, remember, if you can live stream ep 1
The Empty Hearse is on BBC One at 9pm GMT!  
Yes, today, 3-Jan-2014.

Be aware that BBC One says Sherlock's on BBC Three.  But the two channels link back and forth to each other.  So be sure to check up early if you're doing a live stream.

ALL s3 spoilers past this point.  You have been warned!!

Sherlock s3 Premiere Gets Highest Ratings Ever From the Fans Who Waited

Yep.  We Sherlockians even beat out Doctor Who fandom.  We really did.

When Your Mind Palace Fails You: Sherlock’s “The Empty Hearse”

A very loving review at also.

Cumberbatchweb has their very detailed review (yes, spoilers!) of TEH as well.

Sherlockology does their Review of 2013.  There are some spoilers inside the links, and definitely a lot going on for both Team Sherlock and our boys.

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