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Monday, December 30, 2013

Spec on s3...

Okay.  Probable s3 spoilers and very likely feels or trauma.


I've been pondering ["Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"] and I have some dark thoughts about s3 finale.

Rip out our hearts.  Worse than Reichenbach.

Mary Morstan.  Watson's wife dies in canon.  Will Mofftiss kill off Amanda?

Will it be like Alone on the Water, but hurt more?  Oh God.

Watching John have to watch...  oh no.

Molly.  Our lovely Molly, our darling.  The fangirl stand-in, all unwittingly, for all fangirls.  Will it be her heart that gets ripped out?

I don't want anyone to die.  I don't know if that's what we'll be watching.  But the death of a heart, or a love, that's gorram painful too...  8(

(People are already screaming on tumblr, I hear, because they suspect who her fiancée really is.)

I have a third.

It's a little complicated, because I've read Charles Augustus Milverton's canon story, of course.  What will our CAM do to us?  I want to find out by watching s3 ep3.

But if Molly is the one he's threatening -- or Mary -- what will happen?

We've seen how SH respond to people who threaten Mrs. Hudson!

I can only imagine how John will react.

CAM isn't in "His Last Bow" (link to Wikipedia summary here) and that particular story is rather tricksy.  I wonder if the guys will pull a bit out of The Saint.  I wouldn't be surprised.  Simon Templar would be a good secondary source of ideas to combine with Bow.

I'm worried about Mrs. Hudson too, but I have only nebulous fears for her.

There, now I've shared my thoughts with you.  I bet you don't feel reassured at all!

I'm sorry if I gave you nightmares.

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