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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three last tastes of December 2013!

Because it's the holidays... sweets to the sweetest fandom around!

Mycroft reading to baby Sherlock by the great mystradedoodles.  Isn't this adorable??

Cumbercupcake of Ben in his red velvet with baby Smaug (from #AskSmaug) by delightfully.  8)

In case you hadn't seen any new s3 pics of Sherlock and John, here are several at The Scottish Daily Express.  Probable spoilers if you read that article!

Happy New Year -- see you all soon.

When Sherlock and John will wreck us again.  Won't they?  Grab your tissues, your shock blankets, and make sure to have plenty to hydrate with.  I'm sure Team Sherlock will make us need it!

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