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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy SH Day!

Two gifts for you.. whether or not you went a'drinking to celebrate the New Year, I thought you might like some goodies.  8)

At last, I found the entire Graham Norton Show from 11-Oct-2013!  Yes, the one where Benedict Cumberbatch and Jack Whitehall get to fanboy at Harrison Ford; and he fanboys at Benedict!

Today is Sherlock Day.  Happy New Year!

Get out your tissues, your shock blanket, your chocolate and your Cumbercupcakes -- in short, all your fangirl/fanboy supplies.  There will be tears and laughter and wit and brilliance, for Sherlock is back in town!  Are you counting the hours??

You've made 2013 a brilliant year for me, my dear fellow Sherlockians.  Thank you!  Rock on, and let's sweep 2014, shall we?  8)

P.S.  If you find the livestream info for s3, please give me a shout on Twitter (I'm @ninja_CE).  I would LOVE to be watching ep 1 when it airs -- like everyone else outside the UK/BBC One area!  Many thanks.

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