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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Charities: lottery, and an giveaway!

I'm not sure I can keep all the charities in order.  But I'll try.

I'm including my previous blog post, where I thought only three charities existed.  (Except I was sure it was four, and I had forgotten one; and that was true.)  Specifically, the main ALS/MND fund, the Prince's Trust -- these are both active right now -- and the upcoming Annos Africa charity auction.

Not a specific charity per se, but to fulfill Benedict's own request that we do for others, there's the Batch of Kindness project.  That's the one I'd forgotten to integrate into this week's post!

Here are details about the other fundraisers, for ALS/MND and the MHF.  Both involve prizes.

Benedict’s Birthday Fundraiser Giveaway! via CumberNinja's tumblr page; she kindly gave me the link on Twitter.  The giveaway ends on Saturday 19-July-2014, Ben's birthday.

The donation page is to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation.

This charity -- Running the Great South Run for the Motor Neurone Disease Association -- also has fan art available in a lottery format for those who donate.

Disclaimer:  I am not running a charity fundraiser nor giveaway for Ben's 2014 birthday.  [Someday I may do a fundraiser, but it'd be a different thing entirely.]  I just like spreading the word as far as I can.  Please do the same, of your kindness.  Many thanks!


  1. I'm doing one too. I think that's the url. lol

  2. I've added you to my master post, Molly, and sent you the link too. Yup, you're right, that is your Just Giving link. 8)