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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two films with our heroes.

Sherlocked:  Practicing that... look.  Sherlock in black and white.

Stephen Colbert discussing dragons and Sherlock with Martin via tumblr.  8)

Bilbo Baggins, by way of the meerkat.

Another tidbit via tumblr... about Sherlock.

Spoiler zone for Star Trek and possibly The Hobbit

Some Star Trek pics and a wiki (which I'm presuming is about Benedict's character).  Benedict does a video about his Trek character, Harrison.  Trekkie Girls interview -- contains spoilers!

Crossover fan art mixing The Hobbit with... that special effect.

Note that my father says that when 3D movies first came out, headaches are what people complained of decades ago, but since complaints are reported for The Hobbit's high frame rate... felt I'd best alert watchers.  Ask people you know who've seen it if you're worried, do!

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