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Friday, April 26, 2013

Fan art, Cumberbatched, RF... much silly!

Fan art:  Texting; or, trying to type at 221B.  Silly Trek fan art, aka spider problemsss!  The wall...

Cumberbatched pic:  Ben in a car.  Ben in a green waistcoat.  Four moods.

A Batch of Cumberbunnies: An Explanation of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sex Appeal which has an official Trek trailer and a slice of funny interviews.  Also look past the cut.

There will be a book called Benedict Cumberbatch, In Transition: An Unauthorised Performance Biography.  Her thoughts on the cover picture.

Spoiler zone for season 2:

Speculation:  The injuries and the people after The Fall.

Fan art:  Reichenbach courtroom (shipping variant).  A photoset of silly from both Ben and Martin, along with Martin being sweet.  ...out of the window.

Cumberbatched:  If you'd like the text for Caitlin Moran - My Love Affair with Sherlock, Cumberbatchweb has kindly provided -- and that's why this is down under season 2.

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