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Monday, April 8, 2013

LOTS of images and Sherlock s3 summary; plus swag on tumblr!

Cumberbatched moments:  Countdown/Trek.  Can't you tell I'm the villain?

A panoramic view of 221B.  Season 3 could air at Christmas...

Ben and Martin, aka Ever wondered... (the SH/JW personality shift).

Need some funnies?  Here's some fan art:  Can we blame...?  Keep Calm (the RP special version).  John meeting Grumpy Cat.  No pressure then!!!

And a picture of a place that Lara Pulver found.  :D

In the season 2 AND season 3 spoiler zone:

Fan art inspired by s2e1/Scandal:  Plus a man in a sheet with his flatmate fully clothed.  I love this bit of fan art, to me it's not necessarily Johnlock (also, only Sherlock would leave 221B in a sheet and come home fully dressed.  I'm just sayin').

Sherlock series 3 summary.  NOTE: Cult Box keeps updating the summary, so this will indeed contain s3 spoilers depending on your definition.

And last a Whovian/Benedict giveaway on tumblr.  Reblog and follow [on tumblr!] before 27-April.

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