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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Images, art, and the Cumbercollective.

Fan art of a certain sad little hobbit (LOTR).  When something happens in your fandom but...

More fan art:  And if you'd rather get your hug from Andrew, wellll... sort of! then tumblr provides!

Cumberbatched:  Cumberfinger pointing.  Photoset of Ben all spiffed up, probably London premiere of Trek.  Ben dressed as Sherlock but the smile is purely Ben -- not really setlock. 8)  Swooning over Ben as Sherlock (mostly monochrome).

Sherlocked:  Don't fall out of your chair!

The Cumbercollective.

(P.S.:  I will always spell "Cumbercollective" as one closed word, no matter how others spell it.)

Where season 2 and season 3 spoilers are; be warned!

The Sherlock eyeroll of "Whatever!" in Baskerville.

Gif set:  Sherlock expressing himself near the start of Baskerville.

A BBC One poster for ep1 s3 -- includes episode title, which is the only spoiler if you didn't know said title already.

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