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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fan vids and Ben's birthday and...

Cumberbatched:  That look, that smile!  Outtake from deareje.  Adorable moment of Ben with added caption.

"Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen by Mat Duke

Epic bromance indeed.  8)  I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles): Sherlock by lotrfan2888

Psst!  Remember, Ben's birthday is Friday 19-July.  If you meant to send him birthday wishes on Happy Birthday Benedict, the deadline's Thursday 18-July.  And that site is open to anyone, you don't need a tumblr account!

Spoiler zone of season 2 and Trek:

If Sherlock was an animated show, using screen caps from A Scandal in Belgravia.

Sherlock BBC | fun!trailer by Katrin Depp... whose vids are marvelous.

STID spoilers in New Star Trek comics...  (I included this because I loved the last line of the io9 article.)

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