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Monday, March 10, 2014

Some news, some s3 spoilers.

Mark notes that there is no Sherlock without Benedict... adding, I am sorry to say, the sort of comment that Steven would make!

More news on Sherlocked -- the convention planned for venues in the UK and USA.  Okay, let's be honest, a tiny bit of news!

But don't blame the messenger[s] as the post was written by Sherlockology.  No one has more details as of yet, apparently.  o.o

March has come and so I will attempt to keep screening direct spoilers.

Spoiler zone for s3 starts here:

Bonus (and highly probable s3 spoilers!) as Andrew Scott discusses... s3 on Empire's podcast.  There lies a clear s3 spoiler if you click the link!

Empire also had a link for Little Favour, so I thought I'd remind you about it.  8)

Moffat on BBC Sherlock's "feminine perspective" at MarySue.

They also discuss His Last Vow.  I loved this spoilery comment -- highlight to see it after this point:  Hard to say that a murder is actually character development, but, there it is.

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