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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cumberbirthday 2014.

So, how did you celebrate Ben's 38th birthday on Saturday?

Image via the Baker Street Babes and company.  

Radio Times points out that Ben's birthday trended on Twitter... worldwide.  Well done, fandom!  8D

If you wondered about the birthday charities, Cumberbatchweb has an update on the Prince's Trust and the MND Association/ALS Association.  Those got the most donations, but the other charities I knew of are in this blog post.

Batch of Kindness will be updating the site soon, because the Cumbercollective did so much that it'll take time to sort through everything.  Over 86 countries participated!

Here's the larger image of the cake donated to a girls' orphanage for Ben's birthday on Pei's tumblr.  Also see her Tweet for the orphanage.

Pei and Petra created an ebook ("Benedict Cumberbatch in Cupcakes") and the proceeds go to charity too.

Cumberbuddy has a lovely collage of Ben gifs that she posted on his birthday.  Enjoy!

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