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Monday, July 14, 2014

Rumors, two contests, and TSoT.

MTV wants to know if Sherlock is the best fandom, and if you're on tumblr, you can vote!

SK Confessional says rumors are already flying about Ben in Frozen 2, if the dream-casting goes as planned.

SK Confessional: I’m obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, and here's why.

S3 spoiler zone:

A fan's perception of this scene near the end of The Sign of Three.  Found via the transcripts of that ep; here the same fan replies on tumblr about Asperger's, which she feels Sherlock has, in The Hope Never Dies.

If you haven't read John Watson's blog for the wedding, do.  It's funny.  8)  So is Sherlock "The Sign of Three" Review: The Better Man -- but then it's about the funniest ep of SH ever.

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