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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy NYE, dear fandom.

Anyone primed for s4 setlock?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?

This is where bribing Anthea would be handy, you know.  Because it's not like Mycroft would let us watch CCTV footage.

But I get those pics from Twitter and tumblr, so they are from other fans, bravely hunting the wild setlock in its native habitat.

In lieu of fresh setlock, since filming is just under a week away...

Radio Times only put Sherlock at their 3rd best show of 2014, and since I don't watch the others, I respectively disagree.  [I barely watch non-cable TV, so I'm not a good person for such things anyway, however.]  I like Metro UK's (s3 spoileryWhy Sherlock was the best TV show of 2014 instead, for some odd reason.  :D

Benedict Cumberbatch Signed a Genderswapped Smaug Cosplayer’s Tongue at The Hobbit Premiere -- I am not making that headline up, I swear!

The Wit and Wisdom of Benedict Cumberbatch at Vulture.

Since tomorrow's 2015, you need proper holiday music.  Have you heard "Doctorin' the Tardis" by The Timelords (1988) yet?

It's a fun mashup; I mean the song, but I chose the New Whovian vid because it's longer.  :)

Happy New Year, my fellow Sherlockians, Cumbercollective, Whovians, and all!  Dash away, dash away, dash into 2015; I'll catch you there.  Cheers!

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