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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hell week after the weekend.

Meant to post this 19-August, or perhaps the next day.  On 20-August, the Internet ceased to work on my primary machine.  Have spent every day all week trying to locate and fix problem[s].

Looks like it's a Trojan-spy that McAfee failed to notice.  Or that happens to be only half of the problem; hard to say.

So posting here will be erratic.  I have some YT Sherlock fan vids to post; hoping to add them in presently.  No promises, as I have a LOT of work to do, and having lost 'Net on my work machine has deeply gacked up my week.

On Tuesday next Monday, 27-Aug, I'm planning to do a Reichenbach rewatch.  (I'll be on Twitter, so check there for updates.)  It'll probably be during my afternoon, so no earlier than 12 noon EDT, but more likely 1 or 2pm EDT.

From 30-Aug. through 3-Sept., I'll be offline at Worldcon -- and maybe just on Twitter, depending on wifi access.  

Evening of 19-August:  Finished up one rewatch and sort of fell into another.  :D

I had the second half remaining of the unaired pilot.  But that made me miss Mycroft, and the differences between SiP and the pilot.

So I watched the two Mycroft scenes of Study.  How can one not love watching John and Mycroft, from archenemy to after "I know exactly who that is"?

Favorite lines:  Aftermath/anticlimaxTraffic.  

(Snark from me:  Legwork.)

That included the tail end of PINK, and the texting from 221B.   Which of course took some little while on Twitter!

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