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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Season 3, fan fic, and August's CumberbatchDay.

Hell week is nearly over!  I am reinstalling Stuff on my PC now.  As I shouted on Twitter last night...

Items of interest:

The Big Issue (Cumberbatch:  The Lonely Detective).  Transcript of same! 

Interview: Benedict Cumberbatch for 'Parade's End'.

Today I was alerted that #4 Constantly was up -- another Holmes Boys fan fic story from SherlockCares

Plus, some fun captions:  Sorry you missed the bachelor party and It's just John Watson's...  Beware the Johnlock in case you weren't expecting it!  :D 

More fic:  A shoutout to the alert Cumberbabes everywhere, and why you ought not to ask about Twitter followers.  ;)  Sherlock hot line now available

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 AND season/series 3.

(This may be a spoiler, but as my PC's not fully updated, I can't be sure; sorry!)  Pursuit by the Sherlock Fan Orchestra

Season THREE spoilers:  The Three Key Words for Sherlock 2013.  Gatiss [teasing?] and possible airdate and hints against the Words.  :D

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