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Thursday, September 13, 2012

GPS... and rewatching in past and future.

Cumberbatched moments: (Oh, look at that smile!) ... with tea cups along with never been so jealous. In Third Star. "Staring isn't polite."

The lemon is in play.

If Benedict Cumberbatch voiced GPS.

Those things.  [Dead link as of 2013]

Psssst!  Benedict's in this.  Although link does not mention him, the comments do. :D

We successfully did a rewatch of Study in Pink, Jaeden and SherlockCares and I, Monday evening (10-Sept.).  Only took two hours, amazingly enough!  Lots of fun.

Next rewatch is planned for Emmy night, 23-Sept-2012.

Sherlock is up for 13 Emmy nominations (against Downton Abbey's 14!).  I suspect we'll do Scandal, which is what the Beeb offered the Emmy people.  We'll update on Twitter.

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