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Monday, September 17, 2012

Emmys; rewatch; a message to John?

Note that this is after Reichenbach: do NOT read unless you've seen all of both seasons!

I had a thought... that Sherlock would send John a link to that fan vid. The magic trick one. (I believe it's on SherlockCares if you want to watch it... It is ALL the rooftop, so beware feels, if indeed you do watch it.)  This was inspired by watching the lovely and most excellent Sherlock RP group that I follow, by the bye.

Just as a little hint.

Sherlock's not very patient, after all. :D

It'd be on John's phone. Because odds are that John hasn't got mobile protection on his cell, unlike how most of us have got anti-spam and malware programs running on our desktop machines.

And we all know how Sherlock can hack into phones =cough... Study! cough= or otherwise diddle them.  Don't we?  Particularly since John's had some user problems, i.e., he's not kept Sherlock successfully off John's own laptop!

Be back posting later in week.  I have several fan vids to post links to, including some for JM and also Mycroft -- but it's Deadline Week, so that means a] Tweet diet, b] blocking Twitter and SH sites to keep me from being distracted, and c] being short on time.

Remember that the Emmys are 23-Sept!  We plan a Sherlock rewatch that night, during America's evening.  Probably Scandal.  Do join us!

I'm sure Twitter will be watching the Emmys too, but an ep rewatch is more fun than just biting our nails, n'est ce pas?

P.S.  There is a birthday project up for our very own Mycroft, Mark Gatiss, over at the IbelieveinMycroft tumblr (which I've blocked because, well, tumblr and I'm working).  I'll post the link later, I promise!

His birthday's 17-October.

Or check my Twitter @ninja_CE (which is also blocked from me today... sigh) as the link's on there. Posted today through HootSuite.

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