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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Posters, fan vids, thence Emmys.

This is what happens when you try to be good and behave. Or at least when I try to. Because then whatever I can't be doing -- Tweeting and/or blogging, apparently -- gets replaced. Temporarily.

Sherlock fan vids have et my brain!!!

So several more posts will be all or mostly YT.  Just so's you know.

With some diversions into tumblr, mostly discovered through the lovely IbelieveinMycroft tumblr. Which I do adore.

Watson's flourishing medical practice.  Poster: Names of the Holmes Brothers.

A poster for us all on this Sunday, 23-Sept., the night of the 2012 Emmy Awards!

Sherlock Music Video "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen uploaded by coughniggacough.  Which, y'know, sounds like a really good plan for Team Sherlock.  :D

Spoiler zone / season 2

Nightmares: Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall by TheTardisTraveler10.

Creepy!  But the song goes very well with the vid and the RF.  Oh my.

On the side of the angels poster from The Chrysalis tumblr.

Sherlock in the Labyrinth uploaded by sallyluv42.

Love this one too. Like BC, I am a David Bowie fan, and he's a Labyrinth fan too; I deduced that from The Great Game. Did you?

Speaking of perfection:

TMBG's Particle Man (Sherlock BBC) by MoonMouse.

It does not seem possible that MoonMouse could have done better with another They Might Be Giants song... but oh oh OH. Yes. This is hilarious. Brilliant, wicked funny.

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