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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Incident, part 2: For Gita.

This is a continuation of the previous incident.  Both are post-Reichenbach and therefore spoilers for anyone who hasn't got past the 2010 and 2012 seasons of Sherlock!

Sherlock smiled down at the second phone.  He had downloaded his old phone's information back in the morgue that night, particularly text messages, against later use.  Only one phone was a smartphone, and it was not the one he'd used to text The Woman.

Molly had made sure to arrange for the download to go into his new email account.  Another thing Mycroft didn't know about.

Sherlock grimaced, unconsciously steepling his hands.

Although Mycroft probably thought that he did know.  Always thought he knew everything, but his surveillance levels weren't always sufficient.

A real problem when contrasted with legwork, apparently.

Sherlock looked around the rented room.  John would have been astounded, he thought. The room was neat -- as neat as Sherlock's bedroom back at 221B.  The untidiness that had characterised the rest of the flat was absent.

Of course, everything here was packed up.  Time to move on.

His lips curled back into a slight smile.

It would serve her right if he brought the Cluedo board.  John had got rid of the old one, but Henry had gotten Sherlock another after Baskerville.  John didn't know, as it had arrived in the post.

Two dead people having dinner.  Lovely.

"Sarcasm," Sherlock whispered, remembering John saying it, how they'd been responding to the gleeful look on Greg Lestrade's face.  And Sally and Anderson in the back of the room.

Right before he'd opened the gift that was That Hat at the Yard.

Sherlock hoped someone burnt it while he was... away.  Perhaps it was in the coffin?  That would be fitting, he felt.

It would not necessarily be something Mycroft would do.  Of course, Mycroft still blamed him for the riding crop.  Sherlock hoped he was keeping John... busy.  Sherlock tried not to think about John when he needed to concentrate.  Like now.

Time to go.

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