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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sundry matters, plus: defend the Moff!

In brief: Netflix, HuffPo on PE, images, Martin outside Sherlock, otters, and the Moff.

Cumberbatched moments: Time for bed now-- goodnight! Oh... Hello... Well, good morning! Benedict in the morning (in The Last Enemy, if I miss not my guess).

Otters hold hands.

Parade's End: Sherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch's Curious Incident In The Night-Time, During 'Parade's End' Filming.

Fan art: Mycroft and Moriarty.

Fan moments: Quantify how much of your life has been wrecked by Benedict Cumberbatch (visual aid). When John is prescribed painkillers poster. When every fangirl shrieked. ;)

Never enough tumblr, is there? Along with the marvelous IbelieveinMycroft, which I dote upon, there is The Norwood Builder. (Or, I have found the further mines of Holmesian theory and rambling, whoo-hoo!!) Mycroft on his parents.

Life Outside 'Sherlock': Martin Freeman.

Update on August: Osage County.  And Netflix has got Sherlock season 2 AT LAST.

Believe in Sherlock! I Fight...

In defence of Steven Moffat. Found through SherlockCares.

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