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Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Mycroft, and fan vids, plus NT Awards.

Words from Sherlock (one of his RP incarnations).

Mycroft says to support the Mark Gatiss fundraiser.  Vid enclosed courtesy of SherlockCares.  And you would never ever say no to Mycroft -- I mean Mark -- would you?

Poster: Mycroft's opinions on parents.

Under Pressure [BBC Sherlock Fanvid] uploaded by obj3ction.

A gorgeous song I love, fitted cleverly to season 1.  Well done!

("Slashed and torn..." wait, that describes Sherlock fandom!  Ahem.  Just plain under pressure describes us, really.)

Spoiler zone / season 2

Mycroft tumblr: Mycroft ramblings at The Norwood Builder and the archive of IbelieveinMycroft.

Sherlock - John, I'm only dancing! by LuRawen.

More Bowie. Because when you think of Irene Adler and Sherlock, of course you think of David! :D

Admittedly, the end of that vid is not what you may expect.

Or, Sherlock as an alien, John as human: Sherlock - Life on Mars by aliquandos.

And the end, oh my-- that is the kicker.

This is FULL of feels, and friendship pain.  Lovely and sorrowful.  "It's the freakiest show... Wonder if he'll ever know?"

Hello/Goodbye, Mr. Sherlock Holmes uploaded by busybeingbla.

Strong likelihood of feels here.  Very strong!

WARNING:  This Sting song has a high probability of making you weep.  I am not kidding.  Major RF feels inside shape of my heart - Sherlock [spoilers] uploaded by lyrin300.

But oh good Lord.  It is lovely.  The way the creator put the lines to the scenes... gorgeous.  Also a favorite song of mine.

National Television Award voting is open; go vote for Sherlock and Parade's End, do!  Benedict, Martin, and Rebecca are up for awards.

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