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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mostly another YT special: fan vids.

Cumberbatched moments: Peter in TTSS. PBS Batch is good for the soul.

Found via's Internet Annoyances Way Older Than the InternetThe Ten Commandments of mystery, written as bylaws of the Detection Club.

Chart: Describing Doctor Who to different people.  Swag: Sherlocked shirts!

YT!  Hmm, seems to be a lot of shipping in these fan vids.  Can't imagine why!  ("Sarcasm." "Yes.")

Funny walk by silvermouse13. Needs government funding. ;)

Season 1

Those Moments (BBC Sherlock Benendict & Martin fanvid) by dodo00228

Spoiler zone / season 2

Scandal:  Too late for logic by KatrinDepp.

Katrin is wicked brilliant.  She does SH crack vids, all sorts of fantastic and amazing work.  Her X-Files/Sherlock was freaky good and funny!

Sherlock - Last Friday Night by deadkoala.

Both seasons and the pilot... "Epic fail" and other amusements. Uh, outtakes, I mean, if you were looking at the show as this song does. || last.friday.night by kilia93

Lots more JM [and everyone else] in this, plus with captions! Be warned: The Friday Night vids have nearly the exact same beginning scenes, however, so be prepared; you are not imagining that! Loved this.

Some JM fan vids. Expect LOTS of Reichenbach, of course. "I told you... But did you listen?"

Expensive Sadness | Jim Moriarty by Restrictedbeauty.  "I want you to be crazy because you're boring when you're straight" suits JM too.  Funny about that!  :D

Black Black Heart - Jim Moriarty by natgel.

A tribute to Moriarty. WOW.  The song is perfect; so is the tribute.  Indeed, something wicked...

Moriarty || 99 Problems by susnumpazzu88

Wowza. That is all.

And then for a little silly music to cleanse your palate:  Sherlock set to Coldplay... of course.  This vid is full of Reichenbach feels!!!

Sherlock Vida la Vida by TheTardisTraveler10

OMG, I love this one.  The RF will be as upsetting as only the fall can be, however!!!

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