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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Many more fan vids.

Cumberbatched moments: Adorable Benedict.  Young Ben.  Benedict lounging on the couch (mmm!).

Dear Sherlock fandom:  Things could be worse; we could have this problem.

Alone on the Water → Sherlock + John - ♪ 'Sorrow' uploaded by beadedstar.

If you haven't read Alone, the most famous of recent Sherlock fan fic, you'll want to read it first. Statistically probable result: You will cry.  Possibly as much or more than from seeing Reichenbach.

Sweet Dreams - Sherlock by MsSusanPevensie.  Heh!  All season 1; note that this links to the others for season 2, using same song.

Spoiler zone -- season 2

A whole lot of Reichenbach, but it's very lovely. Also shipping.

Sherlock + John - ♪ 'God Only Knows' by beadedstar.

BBC Sherlock • I Was So Alone And I Owe You So Much (2x03) by VLover92.

I think one could safely say that Sherlock fandom is grieving just as much as the first generation who wore black armbands for Sherlock Holmes.  And we're grieving more, perhaps, because they thought they'd only lost the Great Detective. We grieve for both John and Sherlock.  Even though we know the loss is temporary.

I really like Irene. She is an excellent plot device. (She isn't a character. Really not.) The scenes chosen for this Scandal vid showcase this brilliantly.

Rolling In The Deep by Exayevie.

Some of them want to use you | Some of them want to get used by you | Some of them want to abuse you | Some of them want to be abused

Jim/Sherlock/Irene || Sweet Dreams by MinyaChan627.

Oh-AH.  The Sweet Dreams triad is a really cool fan vid.  High level of sexual tension, may seem kinky to some.

Baskerville only:  |Sherlock•Sweet Dreams | BY j.G.  (uploaded by JuliGrig) Fascinating.  A very different take on the song.

Interesting how Sherlock gets linked to line 4 ("be abused") for both vids ["Sherlock, darling, tell him..."] except for the vid by MsSusanPevensie, at top of page.  :)

Pic of John having a really bad moment in Baskerville.

And because everyone should believe: (Reichenbach Remix) Moriarty + Sherlock - ♪ 'SAIL' uploaded by beadedstar.

Before we get to season 3, and after you survive Reichenbach:  The magic trick!

It's really called Are You Watching Closely? // Sherlock by Liisakee.

This is ALL the rooftop.  If you hate watching the fall, don't watch this (you're not really looking...).

Well, you are looking if you've been on the Final Problem tumblr, and half the InterWeb, but let's not quibble.  :D  I may be wrong, but seems like half the fan vids are RF.  That's burnt a hole into the Sherlock fandom's collective psyche.  :/

We need more funny SH vids... there are definitely not enough!

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