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Friday, September 21, 2012

Incident: Somewhere, a text alert...

This is what I call a thought experiment, because it's really a finger exercise more than fan fic.  Or an incident, if you like.

After Reichenbach -- but before Sherlock 2013.  Do NOT read unless you like spoilers, even minor ones, or you have seen all six episodes of Sherlock 2010-2012.

She looked at the text message.  Which was only five words, not counting the added punctuation.  Which she wasn't counting, not really.
'... not dead. Let’s have dinner.'
She didn't know the number.  Probably one of those disposable phones.  But only three people knew about that text.  Two that were alive, herself included.

Known to be alive, she corrected herself.  Obviously.  The second text said:
'I saw you in the street today. You didn’t see me.'
She waited -- curious to see how quickly the texts would come.  Patience not being a known trait...  How long have you been following me? she wondered.

Was he serious?  Only one way to find out.

This time, she replied to the text, and sat back.  Watching the icon change to Sent, she remembered when he'd said it to her:
'When I say run, run.'
A moment later, her text alert went off.  The third message said:
'Work out where I am and join me.'
Grinning, she texted:
'Looking takes ages.'
She knew what the next one would say.  As expected, it read:
'Bored in a hotel. Join me. Let’s have dinner.'
This time, she called the number... because using GPS was too damned slow.

Irene Adler wondered what Doctor Watson would say if he knew.  She spared him a moment of empathy -- but really, he couldn't keep secrets at all.  We're not a couple he'd said.  A little smile curved her lips.  Yes, you are.

She began to get ready.  A shame Kate wasn't here.  Kate would bring along the other toys... later.  Not tonight.

Irene didn't need them with Sherlock Holmes.

It would be an interesting night, certainly.  No matter what happened.  She found herself smiling into the mirror.


  1. Noooooo----- Youoshdkjgfljksdkh
    I know you're not a fan of Johnlock but I thought you're going to write a friendship fic or something. Sdjfaskhjdsdhjb

    Well, you've warned me before. *pouting*

  2. Sorry! I did say it wasn't what you expected. This is all because Sherlock was arguing, either with me, or at Irene. I forget which.

    At least it wasn't Mycroft and Sherlock arguing. Politely. That may have fallen back into my subconscious somewhere.