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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swift harvest off Twitter; includes Dr Who at BBC mobile.

I don't think any spoilers are in here, but you might want to watch out with the PE (Parade's End) interview and The Hobbit links.  And yes, I missed blogging here, and I missed you all on Twitter a lot, even though Worldcon was all sorts of brilliant and awesome and wondrous.

Cumberbatch moments:  Errant curlA bit of rare UK sun.  Isn't he gorgeousSensuality that killsPerfect faceSoulful stare.  Laughing and looking away from camera.

A poster about... men.

Parade's End:  Interview of Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall

Pic of Benedict with some guy taller than him; really!  Benedict hugging peopleReincarnation.

Funny fan art:  Just Say Cheese, Sherlock!

A rare shot of John Watson writing his blog.

BBC mobile launches -- so you can watch Doctor Who there free up to 30 days on your tablet.

The HobbitAll three titles have been announced, also release dates. 

P.S.  We're considering a Sherlock rewatch for this weekend.  Watch Twitter!  It'd be series 1.

ETA:  Neil Gaiman won the Hugo for his Doctor Who ep "The Doctor's Wife" this past Sunday.  Make sure to send Neil congrats!  He's @neilhimself on Twitter.  I told him Congrats! myself when I saw him, but do go ahead and tell him yourself.  Neil's a sweetie, and he deserves to hear more people tell him "Well done!"

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