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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pics and theory; plus 2012 Guide to Sherlock events!

Never enough pics, right?  :D

Cumberbatched moments:  

Brunet Batch with black tie.  Benedict discussing something with a statue (thanks to Cumberbatchweb for link).  Benedict as brunet, in more casual wear -- looking almost like circa 2008.  Smiling Benedict in front of BBC backdrop.

Blond Batch, probably from Parade's End.  Benedict "the life ruiner" Cumberbatch, from The Last Enemy.

Audio Benedict, as demonstrated in Colorado.  Also... Happy Sherlock.

Adorable:  Benedict and Martin.  Met Benedict and Martin at an Emmy party.

Sherlockology created a 2012 Guide to Sherlock events, starting with October and November.  Check to see what's happening near you!

Locations range from Cheltenham and London UK, Belgium, Seattle and Kentucky USA.  They're all listed, but not in that order...

These are diverse events, such as showings of Parade's End and Sherlock, as well as conventions, re-tellings, and two events with Mark Gatiss.

Beware, for here is the spoiler zone of season 2 and The Hobbit... 
and possibly even season 3 of Sherlock!

Excerpt:  Playing Smaug in The Hobbit.

Phone calls:  Moriarty having A Moment.

Analyzing Reichenbach, a new blog, started 30-Sept-12.  (Read the first post, do! and be very tickled by The Message.)  I especially like What's In A Name?

If you hadn't seen this tumblr about the IOU riddle theory, the Baker Street Babes just Tweeted it recently.  The Babes are right, it is very well worth reading; I spent some time fascinated by it.

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