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Monday, October 1, 2012

Seattle SH convention!

Seattle is having a Sherlock convention over 3-Nov. and 4-Nov.

Cumberbatched moments: The curl on the nape of his neck.  SeriousBatch.  Looks like a waxwork model of himself from Parade's End.

TGG:  Fan poster of Sherlock and Mycroft about the sofa :D (God, I love this bit so much!) and walking into The Pool with rave reviews.

Under the spoiler zone -- season 2 and possibly reaching into season 3!

Sherlock and John... waiting where?  

ACD canon quote:  Wouldn't you have strangled him, if you had been in Watson's shoes?

Fan art:  Gun safety lessons from Sherlock poster; 'toons from Baskerville -- I've posted these here before, but in case you'd not seen them, they hit tumblr.  :D

Fan art out of series -- Sherlock on a bender, no, looks too peaceful really.

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