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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BC, Martin, and Sherlock art.

What with the news about Sherlock, we need to keep our spirits up!  Therefore... fandom has got to work on it.  Bless you all!

More of the Sherlock "Brothers Holmes" comics, now in the Later Years.

My favorites from the new set:  What Sherlock ALWAYS says from part 3 of 6 and 5 of 6.

But Santa Mofftiss!

I'm sure somewhere someone's got a thing called "What is Benedict doing now?" -- but the rest of us have the Interweb.  ;)

Hell, it might be a hash tag on tumblr for all I know.

Benedict is playing Islington in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere; here's a picture of them all recording it at the Beeb.  Plus, he'll be in another series of Cabin Pressure.

This link may contain spoilers: read at your own risk:  Here's an official synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness, but who Benedict is playing remains a secret.  Bwahahah!

The premiere of The Hobbit was in New Zealand yesterday.  I will try to get pictures of that, or at least of Martin, but if not, I direct you to tumblr.  Which I'm sure is way ahead of me on this.  :D

ETA:  A pic of Martin!  Also a bit of amusing fan art of John and Anthea...

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