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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two ships and some pics.

Not really Sherlock.  But worth it.  :D  Approval poster... for this lovely advert!

A card from Mrs. Hudson, out of the Casebook.

Post-RF fan art:  Pouty Sherlock 'toon but not very spoilerly.  Lovely Believe in Sherlock poster!

Spoiler zone of season 2:

Still don't ship.

I feel I have to say this every time I bring up anything that I label "shipping" because I've shipper friends who don't believe me, and also, there IS a lot of shipping out there.  It's not like one cannot throw  a scarf an umbrella and somehow miss any of the ships!

But apparently this is the shipping section of today's post.  8)

Discussing Mystrade shipping, i.e., Problems I have with some Mystrade shippers and the 'queen' argument.

Fan vid from a different ship, thanks to Felix (who keeps changing his Twitter accounts, or I'd post one here, dammit).

sherlock/moriarty; don't you know you're toxic by lovelydreams2x

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