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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Hobbit, Trek, Sherlock Xmas.

Fan art:  Do not play with Moriarty.  He WILL outplay you.  A bit of silly Sherlock, aka pirate lock.

It's either The Hobbit or Star Trek, if not both, burning up the Internet.  So... let's go with Martin first, shall we?  Jump into the spoiler zone for both films (and season 2 of Sherlock):

'Hobbit': Peter Jackson talks Smaug cameo, creature design and Martin has a brief clip on the Today show about The Hobbit.  Bless Sherlockology and Jaeden for this!

Stephen Colbert interviews Martin.  Thanks to Cat and Jen for this link!

Fan art:  If John had been ready for RF... or is that S. Moran instead?!?   John's place in life.

How we will be sure to get Sherlock season 3.

Christmas tags a la Sherlock from Sherlock Cares.  If you're part of Team Scrooge, check out the flip side of the Babes' gingerbread house.

Radio Times give you a teaser of Benedict's meeting his fans in Tokyo.

Star Trek is supposed to have a one-minute teaser going online today, 6-Dec-12.  I haven't seen it, but I'm sure it'll pop up on my TL sometime.

This is NOT that trailer; it's a SPOOF of the ST trailer.

And if you hadn't seen this yet, Trek meets Sherlock season 3.  As well it should! ;>

Benedict's up for's Best Dramatic Actor of 2012.  Do vote!

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