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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost all fan art; also speculation.

Fan art:  Merry Christmas from Sherlock and John!  What young Mycroft asked Santa for Christmas.  Big brother Mycroft and Sherlock.

Also fan art:  Why Sherlock chooses his hobby after retirement.

Deducing Mycroft's office.  To which I'd add; if Mycroft is anything like me, when I've been made to sit still for long periods of time, traveling or in a dentist chair for example -- I do not care to sit down.  I stand for some time instead.

This trait upsets other people who do not understand it.

Still more fan art:  A new Sherlock ship/OTP!  Well, new on me.  Maybe not for you.

Benedict doing a speech at Harrow.

Fan art, in the [minor] spoiler zone of season 2:  Upstaged by a bed!  It didn't happen like this! but it's still funny (Scandal).

Talking about Irene Adler: a rebuttal by Norwood Builder.

And yet more fan art:  How some feel it shall be when season 3 appears on our screens.  Or if you're Mycroft, of course.

I figured that the more funnies the better since our holidays blues are a bit more blue now.  Do feel free to send me more funnies on Twitter [or here if Blogger permits!].

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