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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tangent: sponsored by tumblr.

All about Sherlock's two brothers, Mycroft and John.

These are s2, remember, so you have just entered the spoiler zone.

Mycroft and John gif set.  John gif telling it how it is.

About Mycroft's Post-Its from The Casebook (definite spoilers!).

Mycroft, Sherlock... and Mark.  I believe that Mycroft is established as having deduced faster than Sherlock in the pictured scene.  Unless having Sherlock send John to confirm Sherlock's deductions counts against that -- and unless the Holmes brothers are keeping track of who's faster, I don't think that counts.
That's from this post.  8)  If you want some s3 comments of a vague but happy-making nature about the Holmes brothers, enjoy!

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