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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Edible fan art: sweet!

Cumbercupcakes which include all sorts of 'Batch cupcakes, and a Johnlock cake (really, I'm not making that up).  All created by the fantastically talented vereentjoeng; do applaud on Twitter or the SoDelightfully tumblr!

Here's the nine Cumbercupcakes for his birthday.

Ben's three snazzy suits at TIFF.  John Harrison Batch.

Even Yukatabatch!

There is an answer key for Ben's roles in 2013.  Plus Frankenstein and the creature, Turing Batch, CurlyBatch with his favorite shirt -- and if you wanted to see ALL the Cumbercupcakes, click on these tags:  Cumbercupcake and Cumbercupcakes.

The cupcake creator was featured on Buzzfeed too:  These Benedict Cumberbatch Cupcakes Will Ease The Pain Of Him Not Winning An Emmy! along with bonus gifs of Benedict in Japan.  8)

Bonus Cumberbatch moment:  Peter Guilliam from TTSS, in profile.

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