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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fan vids and dancing.

SHERLOCK // fix you. by TransparentDarkness

Music by Coldplay, crisis and Semtex provided by Moriarty...

A mix of s1 and s2, so beware spoilers:

the scientist | sherlock and john by PixieTeardrops89

"No one could be that clever." "You could."  Music by Coldplay, heartache by Reichenbach.

Sherlock Viva la Vida by TheTardisTraveler10

Vatican Cameos!  Music by Coldplay, includes the fall and end of Reichenbach.

Sherlock - This Is War by Daley Pfifer

Because we fight John Watson's war.  We believe in Sherlock Holmes.

But after all that Reichenangst, it's time for a funny.  Here, BNL will do perfectly!
One Week // Sherlock + John by Liisakee

"Flat mates should know the worst about each other."

Although this -- benedict dancing.mp4 by opoulet --  has about 15 seconds [no kidding!] of Benedict dancing to Thriller. I thought I'd die.  So funny!!!

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