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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Change of pace via tumblr.

No s3!  Instead, some goodies from Sherlockian tumblr.  8)

Canon Fodder Friday.  Because if you haven't read the original Sherlock Holmes stories, you're missing... well, okay, SOME are treats.

This one, mm, not exactly.  "A Case of Identity" does end with something of note.  Don't read that until/unless you have indeed read the whole story.

(I lied, actually "A Case of Identity" does appear in s3.  But if you blink, you'll miss it.)

But if you'd like a silly version of various original stories, Final Problem will oblige you.  "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott" had me in stitches:  or, the Soldier for the win!

Although her annotations for TBC -- do not read if you haven't read that story either! -- are killing me.  I just reread that story myself.

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