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Saturday, February 1, 2014

S3 spoilers, The Network, swag: oh my!

Spoiler season not over yet:  S3 spoilers... everywhere!

Today's post is primarily brought to you by our friends at Sherlockology.

Yes, the BBC Shop has got Sherlock swag for you, but there are s3 spoilers, so avoid if you haven't seen any of s3 yet!

Sherlockology visits 221B.  It's a lovely visit too.  Thanks so much for sharing it, ladies and gents.  Bless!

Their review of Sherlock: The Network -- there's a new mobile game in town.  And it's got Sherlock!  You can be part of his homeless network and help solve crimes.

(Game spoilers inside the review, so be warned!)

I haven't played this myself, but some of my Tweeps have.  First an Apple release, it is due to come out in other formats soon.  Ask The Network for news if you haven't seen updates.  They'll know.  8)

America joins the hiatus on 3-February-2014 -- and then the rest of the world will be following soon after.  Depending on where you live, you may still be awaiting s3.

Remember your fellow fans; don't spoil anyone unless s/he has specifically asked to be spoiled!

Sherlock:  Absolutely not a sociopath, via; full interview of Steven Moffat at Vulture.

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