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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hiatus strikes again!

So what are YOU doing to while way the time?  Prowling tumblr?  Writing fic?  Doing Sherlock RP?  Reading speculation posts... or writing them, perhaps.  Collecting pictures, making fan art, swapping your favorite quotes, reading the transcripts and pic spam...

If you haven't considered those, or some of my suggestions for the last hiatus, check them out.

And remember all the shows Team Sherlock is involved in now.  The Hobbit... The World's End... STID... Little Favour.  Hell, Ben alone was in seven movies last year!  Loo wrote a play (among other things).  8)

Mark Gatiss will be on HBO's Game of Chairs, and he's in Shakespeare's Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston [trailer here].  Rupert Graves is in The White Queen.

Also, have you listened to Cabin Pressure yet?  It's wicked brilliant, and funny.  Monty Python fans will recognize the pacing; John Finnemore has got to be a Python fan!

The Collider interview of Sue and Steven about... s4.  Enjoy!

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