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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sherlock: Meet The Filmmakers.

Applelock, er... the Sherlock 'Meet The Filmmakers' event at the London Apple Store today.  So just expect S3 spoilers in practically everything here, 'k?

Amazingly, I found very few links that had no spoilers at all.

Except that the one is the 2013 Sherlock 'Meet The Filmmakers' and not today's.  That's just Steven and Sue.

However, the 2014 Applelock event held 4-Feb-2014... has Amanda, Martin, Ben, Steven and Sue.  S3 spoilers inside this link from The Mirror!  Check out tumblr and Twitter for pics and (other) quotes.

Soundcloud of a s3 podcast Q-and-A that included Amanda and Lars [CAM], director Nick Hurran, plus Steven and Sue.

Bonuses:  loving but spoilery review of His Last Vow at Cumberbatchweb and of The Sign of Three too.

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