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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Applelock and Counterbatch!

Note that there ARE s3 spoilers discussed at Applelock.  Be careful if you haven't seen s3 yet, as a lot of the cast's favorite 2013 moments during the season (and filming) are brought up, per the quotes on Twitter and tumblr.

Counterbatch on Sesame Street...  
This photo set is also spoilery for His Last Vow, so be warned!

Sorry -- I thought that Sesame Street would be safe from s3 spoilers, but apparently not.  Watch at your own risk.

But this article from AP lacks any s3 spoilers, unlike the PBS video itself.

Bonus video:  Cookie Monster Learns a Lesson from Tom Hiddleston.  This contains NO S3 spoilers either!  8)

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