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Monday, January 6, 2014

Reviews of The Sign of Three.

All s3 spoilers, all the time.  This is your only warning.

This is why we love this show by thecutteralicia, who is mighty!

The podcast for The Sign of the Three by the Baker Street Babes.  (I haven't listened to this yet, sorry, I am not much for audio online; but it's the Babes, I bet it's incredible!)

Baker Street Babe Ardy's The Sign of Three review.

Wedding bells and a new direction by Sherlockology on Metro.

And Buzzfeed WINS the Interweb for this take on The Sign of Three.  Trust me.  Even the article title is a spoiler, which is why you gotta click to see what it is.

I adore this ep sooooooo much.  The Sign of Three is my all-time favorite, I think.  I don't think His Last Vow will take that away -- but we'll see, won't we?  A week until the world gets to see how vowing works out...

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