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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A brief news post.

You know you're asking that if you've seen all of s3 already!

News about Hamlet via the Cumberbatchweb tumblr as of 10-December-2013.  Note that it's mostly good news, so take heart!  Ben is slated for the West End in 2014.

Ben's Q-and-A at the Starfury event (under interviews at Cumberbatchweb).

For the deeply Cumberbatched, a question off tumblr.  Its intent: NSFW... the image itself: very safe.  Even for work.  8)

Possibly not if you're supposed to be busy doing something else, however.

Sorry, I'll be AWOL for about a week or so; I've got a deadline.  Think I've got a few posts scheduled before March, but I'm not sure.  :/

As Sherlock tells John in "Many Happy Returns" -- see you very soon.

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